How do I help my child pick a book at the appropriate reading level?

Choosing a Book in the Comfort Zone by Elain K. McEwan

Ever wonder how to help your child pick a book that is a perfect fit? A book they can read AND understand.  Here is a helpful process that you can guide your child through to help them choose the perfect book. In fact, this is the process most good readers do without thinking about it.  Initially,  your child may need you to explain each step and support them as they move through the process, but over time, they will become more independent and eventually be able to choose the perfect book independently.

Finding the Right Book for Your Child by Reading Rockets

This short article gives an overview of what to consider when looking for a book that matches your child’s interest.  The process for seeing if the book is a “good fit” is a little easier to follow; however, it does not take into account comprehension. It is still worth a look if you need a simple way to help your child pick out a good book.

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