Achievement Gap

The Homeschool Resource Center endorses Tina Certain

for School Board of Alachua County.

Alachua County has the largest racial achievement gap and fourth highest out of school suspension rate for Black students of all Florida school districts.  Only 26.7% of Black students as compared with 71.5% of White students in Alachua County scored at or above grade level in English Language Arts on the Florida State Assessment (FSA) (FLDOE, 2018a). Schools with magnet programs have a 66.8% achievement gap between Black and White students in ELA (SBAC, 2017; FLDOE, 2018b). Black students comprise 35.5% of school population but account for 70.6% of district suspensions (FLDOE 2018b; FLDOE, 2018c).  References are listed at the bottom of this page.

The Education Task Force formed to address this critical issue. The following is a poster presentation of ETF research presented at the UF College of Education’s Research Symposium, Critical Collaboration in Times of Controversy. Below the poster are documents relating to the racial achievement gap in Alachua County.


OneDistrictTwoTalesPoster presented by Sunshine Moss and Tina Certain at the UF College of Education Research Symposium. Research conducted by Drs. Anne Koterba and Diedre Houchen of the Education Task Force.

Gainesville for All – Education Committee

        Website outlining the work of and priorities set by the Gainesville for All Education Committee.  Gainesville For All was formed to address racial and economic inequities that hurt people and hinder our community from achieving its best potential. It is an initiative of The Gainesville Sun in partnership with the Community Foundation of North Central Florida.

Education Task Force Presentation

Presentation by Education Task Force, January 2017

School Board of Alachua County Equity Plan: DRAFT

Presented to the board and community on Tuesday, August 14th.  Public input is needed.

School Board of Alachua County Equity Plan Workshop

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Public Comments begin at timestamp 1:50

Dr. Diedre Houchen addresses community at timestamp 1:58

Sunshine Moss addresses board at timestamp 2:10


In the News

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Dr. Diedre Houchin: What Does Educational Equity Really Mean?

August 24, 2018 –Gainesville Sun




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