The Homeschool Resource Center

The HRC provides individualized support to assist families in the education of their children. Our clients are parents who are concerned and need help navigating their child’s education needs.  They utilize a wide range of education models, including public, private, charter, and home school and magnet, Lycium, and IB programs.

We provide consultations, workshops, tutoring, classes, homeschool evaluations, and collaboration with teachers and schools. We offer professional guidance in areas related to teaching and learning, evaluations and assessments, literacy, dyslexia, and special education policy and practice.

We help families understand, develop, implement, and evaluate individualized education plans. We provide them with knowledge, tools, and resources to provide the best education for their children based on individual strengths and weaknesses and the needs and resources of their family and community.

As one family coined it, we provide “education therapy.”  We help families sort through tedious details and determine the most meaningful path for their children.  If you are faced with important decisions regarding your child’s education, we can help! Contact us today at homeschoolgainesvile@gmail.com.

Meet our Director

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