Curiosity Camp

Dig deeper into math and science with hands-on investigations!
Explore nature based- learning opportunities!
Develop critical thinking through inquiry-based exploration!
Develop a growth mindset!


The Homeschool Resource Center

The Homeschool Resource Center is the product of four years of dreaming and collaboration with countless members of the homeschooling community and patient friends and family.  The goal of the HRC is to provide targeted support to assist families in the education of their children. The HRC provides consultations to parents to help them develop, carryout, and evaluate education plans for their children according to their education philosophy and the needs of their children and family.  We provide resources, workshops, and consultations to parents and educators in areas related to teaching and learning,  including methodology, policy,  special education, assessment, and intervention.

Our clients utilize and receive professional guidance within a broad range of education models ranging from highly accelerated programs to unschooling. Our clients attend public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschools, umbrella schools, and magnet, Lycium, and IB programs.

At this point the HRC does not receive any outside funding or support.  If there is a class or service you need that you cannot afford, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to help spearhead a fundraising program.  We can do this together!

Meet Our Personnel

Meet Our Teachers


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