Understanding Dyslexia in Gainesville

Understanding Dyslexia in Gainesville (U.D.I.G.)

May 18 th at 6:00 p.m.

Think Tank for Kids with Dyslexia and their Parents:

Parents and children are invited to attend together then split into and report back from separate focus groups.

Brian Beckett and Ashley Pennypacker Hill will lead the kids through sharing their experiences and any tips they have found to help them navigate school with dyslexia (if you have a technology tip bring your device to help teach others).

Blake Beckett, Kara Dawson, and Ritzy Ettinger will lead the parents through a similar discussion, from the parents’ perspective.

Then we will get the two groups together at the end to share ideas.


Where: PK Yonge Community Classroom

When: May 18,

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Brian Beckett – Teacher at Camp Crystal Lake and parent of kid with dyslexia

Ashley Pennypacker Hill – MTSS Specialist at PK Yonge

Blake Beckett – Third Grade Teacher at PK Yonge and parent of kid with dyslexia

Kara Dawson – UF College of Education Faculty and parent of kid with dyslexia

Ritzy Ettinger – Guidance Counselor at PK Yonge

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