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What is Curiosity Camp?

Curiosity Camp is a one-week math and science camp filled with hands-on learning opportunities designed to cultivate critical thinking, growth mindset, and social-emotional development.

Over the past few years, I (Sunshine Moss) have watched as my highly-gifted son has grown bored with school and apathetic with his learning. In collaboration with two highly-skilled educators, I designed this camp to meet Byron’s hunger for hands-on, inquiry-based math and science and his need for an explicit and supportive social-emotional learning environment.

What will a typical day look like?

Camp day begins at 9 am and ends at 2 pm.  Children will start their day with Morning Meeting where they will develop community, engage in activities to build community, growth mindset, and whet their appetite for the day’s activities.

Students will then move into cooperative learning activities designed to help them develop a growth mindset and develop perseverance. Students will be supported in asking and answering authentic questions, drawing conclusions from their own research, and persisting through tasks and challenges.

Lunch and free play will last about an hour during the middle of the day and be followed up by hands-on math and science activities designed to cultivate critical thinking and creative thinking.  The day will close with an afternoon meeting and reflection period.

What are the qualifications of the teachers who are directing the camp?

Holly Brennan, M.Ed. holds a bachelor’s in education and a master’s degree in special education. Math, science, critical thinking, and helping children develop a growth mindset through creative problem solving are her specialties.

Sunshine Moss, director of the HRC has over 20 years experience teaching students from preschool age to graduate level. You can read more about her vast experience working with children, families, and educators here.

How about food?

Please pack a lunch and healthy snack for your child.  We kindly request you save sugary items for after the camp day.

What about behavior? How will discipline be managed?

Social emotional development and growth mindset are core components of the curriculum at Curiosity Camp.  As such, students will be explicitly taught the social skills, expected behavior, and strategies for managing frustration while still getting their needs met.  Students are listened to and taught to communicate their needs in such a way that they can be understood.

Sometimes children, just like adults, act out their frustration in a way that negatively affects others around them.  In these instances, we utilize a restorative justice approach to behavior management where students experience logical consequences, have opportunities to learn from their behavior, and offer apologies of action when necessary.  If a student’s behavior becomes too disruptive for group activities, they will have the opportunity to have personal space or “time-in” with a supportive adult. In this way, they will be able to maintain connection while developing self-regulation skills and personal accountability.

My child has special needs. Can you provide accommodations/modifications?

All teachers hold master’s degrees in special education. At this time, we are able to provide accommodations and modifications for students with exceptionalities who are able to communicate verbally and are able to follow directions most of the time.  To ensure the nature of the camp is appropriate for your children and we have the appropriate resources to support their needs, please email Sunshine directly at

Where is the camp located?

Curiosity Camp will be held in the HRCs home-based classroom conveniently located in Gainesville’s Stephen Foster neighborhood at NW 36th Ave and 6th Street. As this is a home-based camp, the specific address will be provided upon registration.

How do I register for camp?

To register for camp, please use this online registration form. You will receive a confirmation email and with payment information.

How much does it cost for my child to attend Curiosity Camp? 

Curiosity Camp is offered on a sliding scale $150 – $200.

How will I pay?

We accept four forms of payment: cash, check, charge, or Gardiner Scholarship. Once we receive your application, we will contact you with payment information.

Please indicate your payment preference in your registration form.


Please make checks out to The Homeschool Resource Center.


Cash can be paid in person. Please make arrangements with the HRC to pay BEFORE camp begins.


Credit/Debit card payments are processed through Square. You will be mailed an invoice upon completion of your application. A small processing fee applies.

Gardiner Scholarship

The HRC is a Gardiner Provider. You can request pre-approval for your camp and have them pay the HRC directly.  Please work with your Gardiner Scholarship organization to arrange payment. All payments are due before camp begins.  Alternately, you can pay in cash and we can provide you with a receipt and a description of the camp.

Are scholarships available?

We accept payment through through the Gardiner Scholarship program.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any other private scholarships at this time. However, if you would like to sponsor a camper who cannot afford to attend, please contact Sunshine Moss at




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