FREE DEMO– Redirecting Power Struggles –This THURSDAY!

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What:  Redirecting Power Struggles

When: Thursday, February 20th 7 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Where: The Homeschool Resource Center

Why: Free Tools you can take home with you and get immediate results!

Preregistration required –  Register HERE!

About the Class

Do you ever have power struggles with your kids? Are you tired of reminding, nagging, yelling and bribing your kids? Do you need tools to win your child’s cooperation? This 75-minute informative and interactive Demo teaches parents easy tools that you can implement and get results with immediately. 

About the Instructor

Kathryn Kvols is the author of the book and parenting course “Redirecting Children’s Behavior.” She is an international speaker and president of the International Network for Children and Families.


Parents Teaching Mathematics: Things to Know and Do–This THURSDAY!

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What: Hands-on How to Teach Math workshop

When: Thursday, February 20th 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Where: The Homeschool Resource Center

Why: Because YOU are your child’s FIRST teacher!

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About the Class

This two-hour informative and interactive workshop empowers parents to teach mathematics to their young children. The facilitator will cover mathematics content and pedagogy to help homeschooling parents “…create a rich integrated mathematics experience for their children”.  Mathematics topics for the workshop include number sense, basic operations and problem solving. In addition to the mathematics topics, the facilitator will address supporting frameworks such as (1) instructing for conceptual as well as procedural understanding and (2) using manipulatives.

About the Instructor

Dr. Thomasenia Adams is a mathematics teacher educator/researcher in the School of Teaching & Learning and the Associate Dean of Research, Faculty Development and Graduate Education in the College of Education (COE) at the University of Florida. Her scholarship includes funded grants at the national and state levels, including her role as Co-Principal Investigator on the Florida STEM Teacher Induction and Professional Support Center funded by the Florida Department of Education and the UF Noyce Scholars Program: Raising STEM EduGators funded by the National Science Foundation. Her list of credentials is too long to include here. To learn more Dr. Adams and her extensive accomplishments in mathematics education and teacher development please click

MIT Maker Portfolios

Wondering how your child will get into college as a homeschooler? If so, check this out!

MIT Admissions introduces Maker Portfolios

Robotics Jr.: Little Wiz Kids – February class added!

Due to demand we are adding an additional class of Robotics Jr.: Little Wiz Kids in February! For Ages 4-7.

This class is a exciting, hands on exploration of circuits, components, electricity mini robotics, and pre-programing. and robotics skills learned to make a micro-bot that can run around like a chicken with its head cut off!

Week I: Children learn about circuits with Squishy Circuits. This innovative way to teach circuitry to the very young was developed by AnnMarie Plosenberg Thomas Ph.D at the University of St. Thomas. Students use play-dough to create circuits and work with components. Little hands easily connect LED’s, Battery packs, Pieaso buzzers and motors to their play-dough creations to light them up, make them spin, create sound and much more.

Week II: Children expand their knowledge of circuits as they explore how various components work and interact using Little Bits, a hands-on modular learning tool developed to help children create quickly and easily. This engaging tool opens the world of invention to young children in an intuitive way.

Week III: Children explore how to create music and games with Makey Makey, a hands-on “invention kit” that turns everyday objects into touch pads, created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum.

Week IV: On the final day we will make the ever popular bristle-bot catamaran using all of our creativity and robotics skills learned to make a micro-bot that can battle in our battle-bot arena.

Only 6 Spaces available so Register Now to get your spot!

2 NEW Robotics Classes! Register NOW!

We need 4-6 Students Registered by the Early Bird Dates (Jan. 25th and 31st) to Hold Each Class!
Session 1: Robotics:Taking Flight (ages 7+)! Starts Feb 6th!
In this series we will explore the art of motorized flight. Create a paper airplane launcher, Soup up your classic paper airplane by adding a motor and propeller. What about Blimps you say? Yep we will do a motorized Blimp too. Finally as a group we will build and fly a mini quadcopter. In this series we will be exploring the dynamics of flight, mini dc motors small batteries and remote controlled flight. 


Session 2: Robotics: Taking the Plunge (ages 7+)! Starts March 13th!
Learn about the history of underwater exploration and what it takes to make your very own underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Classes will include individual and group projects. We will learn about the principles of underwater exploration and build an official Seaperch underwater ROV. At the end of this series we will take our ROV for a test run and explore the local springs, collecting samples and learning about velocity, acceleration, buoyancy, density, electrical circuitry and more.

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Study Sheds Light on Auditory Role in Dyslexia

Study Sheds Light on Auditory Role in Dyslexia

Last Day for Early Bird Discount

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Class Highlight: Writer’s Workshop (age 12+)

Writer’s Workshop is a portfolio-based writing class which guides students through the stages of the writing process. Students are invited to live, work and learn as writers. You authors learn to observe their lives and the world around them while collecting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing well-crafted narrative and expository texts. This class uses in-class practice techniques aimed to loosen-up and strengthen the creative muscles. Elements of writing are discussed and applied in weekly assignments. Budding authors have the opportunity to participate in a teen blog student journalism project with assignments seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.

Classes are arranged into two, sequentially progressive eight-part series. Students are encouraged to register by the semester in order to take full advantage of the well-planned instructional sequence; however, students may register for one series at a time.

Prerequisite: Students must be able to write a cohesive five sentence paragraph. Students are engaged as fellow writers and are expected to manage their own behavior.

Requirements: Students are expected to journal and revise writing between classes.

Instructor: Stephanie Seguin is a writer and professional editor who loves helping people of all ages develop their style and proficiency in writing. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in English and French, and is a founding board member of the Writer’s Alliance of Gainesville.

Recommended Ages: 12+
Cost: $30/1.5hr class
Series: Series 1 8-weeks and Series 2 8-weeks; prorated automatically when you register

CLASS MINIMUM: 4 participants to hold this class so invite your friends!

EARLY BIRD: Register by Friday, January 3rd for a 10% Discount
Sibling Discount: 10% available for siblings taking the same class
Multi-Series: Register for BOTH Series 1 & Series 2 receive 20% off Series 2
Discounts are cumulative and apply to all classes unless otherwise noted.


Class Highlights: Robotics for ages 4+

Little Wiz Kids: Join us on Wed. at 1pm or Fridays at 4:30 for a Robotics class children ages 4-7 taught by Dr. Jim Thompson and Gwen Thompson. This class is a exciting, hands on exploration of circuits, components, electricity mini robotics, and pre-programing. and robotics skills learned to make a micro-bot that can run around like a chicken with its head cut off! Check out our Class Catalog for further details. If you are interested in this class and it has a wait-list, please sign up for the waitlist! We have already added a second session due to demand!

Robotics: Electronic Mini-Game Series: Join us on Thursdays at 1pm-3pm for for children ages 7-18 taught by Dr. Jim Thompson and Gwen Thompson. This series is a perfect prep for an upcoming family get together or to create one-of- a-kind gifts for friends and family. In this series students will make a mini operation game, a mini dexterity game, an electronic matching game and a two-up game. At the start of the course, students learn to solder a basic circuit and advance to soldering onto a circuit board by the final class. This course is ideal for older students or younger students with experience soldering and working with electronics, however, parents can attend to provide accommodations.

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Class Highlights: Circle Time and Number Fun!

Circle Time and Literacy (ages 2-6): Join us on Mondays at 9am this Spring as we circle up for songs, stories, and cooperative games followed by self-guided play and literacy activities. Circle Time is an opportunity for children to develop a rich sense of community through play-based learning in a shared space.  Literacy activities are geared towards children at Pre-K through 1st grade level, though children of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend. Circle Time classes are parent/child classes. Parents are expected to facilitate and participate in activities.  At 9:45 a.m. we will clean up, have a short snack (please bring your own), and those who have registered will prepare for Number Fun with Leah.

Number Fun with Leah (ages 4-6): Join us on Monday’s at 10am this Spring for a hands-on, highly interactive math class that teaches basic number sense through cooperative play and investigations. The class begins with a book, game, or song followed by hands-on, guided discovery centers where students use strategic thinking to learn such skills as sorting, classifying, organizing data, and estimation. This inquiry-based approach to mathematics lays the foundation for critical thinking and intuitive number sense which are instrumental to future math learning.

BONUS: Enroll in Number Fun and receive 10% off hands-on “How to Teach Math” parent-educator workshop facilitated by Dr. Thomasenia Adams!

Both classes are held for Session 1 and Session 2 of the Spring Semester. Register Now for 10% in early bird prices (4 days left!) and for BOTH sessions for an additional 20% off Session 2!