Little Wiz Wednesdays

Only two spots left in our Junior Robotics: Little Wiz Kids Art & Design class.

Wednesdays, 2:00 p.m. -3:30 p.m.

Register today at

Check out this awesome line-up of activities:

Week 1: we will learn about Robots and their uses. The students will experiment with different robots to learn about design, form and function. We will build a Draw-bot and create our own works of robotic art.

Week 2: We will take Music with the Makey-Makey to the next level. We will design our own musical instruments and create unique musical compositions. Students will make their own conductive ink art for use with their sound machines

Week 3:  We will explore the concepts of robotics programming by “programming” ourselves just like we would a robot in the game “How to train your robot”. We will Push Button Programmable Robots to create a unique wall mural.

Week 4: We will be building on what we learned in Little Wiz Kids 1 and we will design our own “kicked up” Bristle-bot catamarans[S1] . This will be a much more complex build with more student involvement and creativity.


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